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A better team requires more than just better people. BUT it's more simple than you think. I break it down into just 4 focus points that I've leveraged for years. And I reframe what the goal of your team culture should be to begin with. 

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Choose Better People

Everyone has value but not everyone has value for your team.

So many problems and much of the tension on teams could have been solved by choosing better people. Not everyone fits the same. And there are variables beyond your awareness. So RISK is what you have to include in your assessment of people, not just talent. 

I share a new way of thinking around choosing the right people for your teams. This works for paid staff and volunteers because choosing people is a people thing not an employment. 

  • 11 short videos full of context and challenge. Average video length is just 2 minutes.

  • A paradigm upgrade about why you should be evaluating risk in people, not just talent. 

  • A specific assessment you can use immediately as part of your team building toolbox. AND ... 

  • This assessment can be customized to fit your context once you embrace this thinking.

  • Bonus content and more will be added each month with this course and all my courses.


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What People Are Saying:

There are a lot of tools to help organizations and churches identify leaders, whether volunteers or paid staff, most of which give pastors and leaders broad sweeping questions or thoughts that don’t truly assess what value a candidate for leadership would bring to an organization. As an associate pastor I was looking for something to not just help me see the type of person to place into leadership but the risk associated with it. Swebb’s Leader Risk Assessment provided a unique and fresh way to calculate the cultural cost of moving someone into a leadership role within our church. This tool provides the missing link for all hiring or promoting within your church. We will continue to utilize this tool within our church.