What I've Seen & Where I've Built

What are you looking for?

Many of you came to this page looking for "What did Swebb do?" 
But what you should be asking is "Why and how did Swebb do it?"

We all love to copy what others did then complain about why it didn't work for us. This is because we want the fruit of what's custom but the ease of what's copied.

I build custom. 

  • Yes I built multisite for Elevation but that's probably not what you need.
  • Yes I can identify, recruit, and develop leaders but that won't solve a bad leadership culture that lacks accountability. 
  • Yes I can save your church a fortune and increase giving but I can't give you a strategy that solves your cultural problem of not wanting to do hard work. 

So before you start looking for what I (or anyone) did, change your brain to ask "Why and how did he do it that way?" 

You need better thinking! Not pre-fabricated strategies.

Why I'm different:

  • I don’t care about your preferences.

  • I see what no one sees and say what no one says.

  • I think you don’t need a model, you need to be the model.

  • I’ve been where you want to go and know who you want to know.

  • I see your success as my success, you’re not my competition.

This is hard work. But it's why you're on this page. You've been running on a treadmill, been to many conferences, and still seeing the same problems as everyone else. 

Stop looking to copy. I build custom. 

And how I do it is to train your thinking.

Stephen "Swebb" Webb

Coaching Church Leaders Worldwide – For over 2 decades I’ve coached leaders and church staff. I think leadership development and building the Church is more art than science. Many love to believe and peddle the idea that we need formulas and handbooks but if that worked you wouldn't be reading this. I can provide some cheat codes (and love to) but there’s not a “one size fits all” answer.

So I coach and train an increasingly rare activity many people outsource: thinking. I have a long history of building successful and sustainable ministries, leaders, and teams through people.

Most simply put, I build leaders who build teams who build the Church.

These Days – We're back home in Austin, Texas. We attend a local church we don't work in or work on, we just work from. Come see us and we'll eat good TexMex.

I get asked about Elevation often. 

I still receive many questions about Elevation and what I built with that team. My goal is not to make everyone like Elevation. But I’m happy to discuss and teach from my decade there. I also have a decade of experience prior to joining the Elevation crew. I'm still very connected to the team there and happily connect you if that's all you're looking for.