What I've Seen and Where I've Built

Stephen "Swebb" Webb

Coaching Church Leaders Worldwide – For nearly 2 decades I’ve coached leaders and church staff. I think leadership development and building the Church is art. I can provide some cheat codes but there’s not a “one size fits all” answer.

So I coach and train an increasingly rare activity many people outsource: thinking. I have a long history of building successful and sustainable ministries, leaders, and teams through people.

Most simply put, I build leaders who build teams who build the Church.

These Days – We're back home in Texas. We attend Victory City Church, which serves as a good base for coaching and encouraging church leaders each week.

I get asked about Elevation often. 

*** I still receive many questions about Elevation and what I built with that team. My goal is not to make everyone like Elevation. But I’m happy to discuss and teach from my decade there. I also have a decade of experience prior to joining the Elevation crew. I'm still very connected to the team there. So this list is just a quick look at what has proven to be a consistent source of questions that I can leverage to serve you.