Because leaders
don't need another
story-telling consultant.  


Because building the Church
is more art than science.

"Swebb has a unique set of gifts and skills to see the previously imperceptible and speak the previously unmentionable." 
This art shows up in 4 essential expressions.

Start Churches

toward predictable and scalable success.

Forge Catalysts

of small teams that grow beyond the leader. 

Refine Missions

of the well-built under-performer.

Train Thinking

of the pioneers who strive to set a new standard

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Tell me about your desires, mission, and needs. And we’ll start working on that call, not wait until we finalize a contract. Let’s get better now.

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I build custom and adapt and train to what you need. I'll never pitch a "model." Make your decision between coaching and consulting and let's build!

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A Sixth Round Pick Can Change The Entire Game

A 6th round pick won 7 Super Bowl rings.
Low draft picks can build thriving teams, organizations, and churches for you too. I know what it’s like to be overlooked and feel underdeveloped. I’ve spent the last 20+ years developing leaders across 5 continents, showing them the true potential they have which shows the Church the potential it has for growth.

But not everyone wants to give the effort.

I work hardest for, and win often with, Entrepreneurs, Pioneers, Builders, and Heretics.


"Swebb is the reason I am still in ministry. He’s the most intentional person I have ever met. He challenges my way of thinking and provides me with the insight to think in a new way."

- Josh, Tennessee

"Stephen brings direct and constructive insight into your teams culture, structure, and general effectiveness...He doesn’t waste your time or money, but just helps you get better. "

- Eric, Austin

"Swebb knows exactly who he is and refreshingly doesn't spend any energy trying to be someone he's not, and this is extremely valuable as he brings this level of clarity into his mentoring."

- Andy, Australia

Online Courses

Learn at your own pace and focus on the topics that matter most but get the least publicity! These courses are full of practical resources that will help leaders and churches of any size and any budget.


Everyone has value.
But not everyone has value
for your team. 

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5 key elements to maximize your team. And redefine the goal you're aiming for when you say "team."

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It's not taboo. Being ignorant, inconsistent, or cheap is taboo. This is the best deal you'll ever see!

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