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Activating thinking and elevating perspectives 

to build better leaders who build teams who build the Church.



Only doing 12 insanely inexpensive, growth-focused, get-serious-not-hug-and-giggle visits in the US this year.

5 of 12 remaining.


✔ Bolder Thinking  ✔ Higher Standards  ✔ Better Goals

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Learn at your own pace and focus on the topics that matter most to you! These courses are full of practical resources that will help leaders and churches of any size and any budget.


Discover how you can host special guests in a way that impacts 
your reputation and their contribution to you.

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I'll share 5 key elements to maximize your leadership and team. And also redefine the goal you're aiming for when you say "team."

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End well so you can begin again well.
Be one of the few who do.


Everyone has value. But not everyone has value for your team. 

Normalizing the Exceptional is What I Do Best

Excellence is doing all that you can with all that you have. Why not have more to work with? At every level I teach and encourage transferable principles and provide some "cheat codes" that save time and resources.


Added horsepower on your team to initiate and enable consistent and lasting growth.

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Dive deeper into the topics that matter most to you in a portable and flexible format.

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Work together on location to upgrade models and improve the fundamentals.

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A Sixth Round Pick Can Build a Thriving Church

A 6th round pick won 7 Super Bowl rings. And low picks can build thriving churches too. I know what it’s like to be overlooked and feel underdeveloped. I’ve spent the last 20+ years developing leaders across 5 continents, showing them the true potential they have which shows the church the potential it has for growth.

You can be a great pastor and still struggle with developing people. Let’s change that.


"Swebb is the reason I am still in ministry. He’s the most intentional person I have ever met. He challenges my way of thinking and provides me with the insight to think in a new way."

- Josh Crawford

"Stephen brings direct and constructive insight into your teams culture, structure, and general effectiveness...He doesn’t waste your time or money, but just helps you get better. "

- Eric Morris

"Swebb is uniquely gifted at untangling the knots that most of us can’t seem to loosen. Give him a call. You’ll be glad you did and so will your budget."

- Jeremy Woods

Let's Work Together

Step 1: Schedule a Call

We’ll spend some time learning more about you, your situation, your needs, the areas that need attention. And we’ll start working on that call, not wait until we finalize a contract. Let’s get better now.

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Step 2: Take Inventory

The inventory process is both for me and for you. We’ll look through numbers, processes, and most importantly help you look deeper into your culture, team, and/or personal patterns to see what needs attention first.

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Step 3: Develop a Plan

I’ll present a plan for how we can work best together. From there, we’ll get started relatively quickly and, if possible, do so on your turf. I coach clients online worldwide but if we get the chance to be in the same room, that’s a huge benefit to you.

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Step 4: Win at What Matters

It doesn’t take long to see the results from focused training and healthy leadership. You’ll notice your voice is gaining confidence, your mind is on a mission, and that your measurables are consistently moving in the right direction as a result.

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