Owner's Manual

They may not be owning something because you're just loaning something

The burden of ownership is far better than the absence of ownership. I'd rather struggle with something of value than live a life void of any substantive weight.

We all know it’s easy to see something, like it,
dream about it, talk about it, and even put a date
on the calendar to get it. But the effort is in the
acquisition. It’s in the process of taking ownership
that you expend an energy you didn’t think about.

Get it NOW and teach it.


Ownership of any kind is a privilege. This book will transform your team dynamics and upgrade their overall performance and camaraderie.

A few quick hits:

"It’s in the process of taking ownership that you expend an energy you didn’t think about."

"Ownership of anything is a long-term prospect. It’s not about celebrating sign-ups and interest. It’s about showing up regularly with the same discipline, excitement, and expectation."

"If you don’t set expectations then you can’t grade on those expectations."

“Build with intention and determination and you’ll have more of the culture
you want and the results you need to accomplish what you’re called to do.”