The Best Rep

Leverage The Right Asset The Right Way

A first-of-it's-kind explanation to provide practical insights and clarity around coaching, consulting, and how you can leverage them to be better and go further.

The best rep is the one that stops halfway through with your arms shaking and makes you think you’re going to drop it on your face. It’s at that moment your coach screams belief and urges you to sell out to the lift. 

Invariably the bar continues its upward movement. 

Your muscles rip but after you recover your strength hits a new level.

A coach makes sure you don't quit before the grit.

Your best rep - your max potential - is waiting inside for you to let a coach bring to life. 

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All the greats have coaches. And businesses need consultants.
But there's a difference.

Also remember that buddies aren't coaches, they're just buddies.

I stepped into the gym at our office on a Wednesday afternoon to lift weights between meetings.
Another team member, a good friend, was in there on the bench so I just wandered over and assumed the spotter position.
I’m standing behind the bench, looking down at him as he presses a few hundred pounds up and down, and then I did what trainers do: 

I added pressure.

He set a new personal record that morning he hadn't intended or expected to hit.

Because a good coach unlocks strength
that cannot be unlocked alone.